Welcome to Timothy P. Nash Development Coaching & Consulting! You’ve come to the hub of my company and also my Newsletter:  The Path To Peak Performance.

By the way, what do you need for your Peak Performance?

  • Increase your personal impact?
  • Create an open feedback culture in your team?
  • Embed a change in your organization?

Whatever your specific need or objective, I believe that raising awareness is the most important step to unfreezing negative patterns in a system on your way to a healthier one (self/group/organization).

Using a powerful mix of tools and methods, I work alongside you to create a clear picture of 1) where you are right now 2) how you wish to move forward & 3) the support you need to do it.

Together we develop strategies to achieve your desired results. It is my mission to help you, your team, group or organization TAKE ACTION FOR REAL LASTING CHANGE.

With 25 years’ experience in Financial Services, Tourism, Education, Sales, the Media and People & Org’l Development, I’ve experienced what it takes to lead and collaborate across cultures (national & org’l). This provides me valuable insight into the complexities of the modern workplace. More importantly, it helps me connect to your unique situation so that I can support you best.

I’m a Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations and serve on the Board of Directors of ODN Europe. I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1971. In 1994 I graduated cum laude with a BA in History & Business Administration. For more professional details, see my LinkedIn Profile.

If you’re curious about why I do what I do and how I got here, see My Story & Lessons Learned. Based in Munich, Germany since 2001, I speak native English, proficient German and basic Japanese.

Drop me a note and let’s start a dialogue about what you need!