To hear is to know, to see is to believe, to do is to understand.

– Chinese proverb*


Due to the growing complexity of situations and relationships in the modern workplace, I take an agile, relational approach to People & Organizational Development.

As a Gestalt Change Practitioner, I’m comfortable in the role of coach, trainer, consultant or facilitator. Depending on your specific need, I’m able to move between roles as needed.

♥ Coaching

I offer individual or group coaching, short or long-term, F2F or virtual.

♠ Facilitation

I provide facilitation for internal or external meetings and offsite events.

♣ Training

I offer development workshops which can be tailored to your specific needs & objectives.

♦ Consulting

I work with you to design and/or optimize your learning & development programs. I also help you implement process or relational improvements in your team, group or organization.


*To experience how I work, click on BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE.

Characteristics of Workshop or Coaching Session

  • Result-oriented with agreed measures of success & timeline
  • Collaborative, designed to interact with and learn from others
  • Action-based, designed to act, reflect, adapt and repeat
  • Solution-focused on what you can influence, not what you can’t
  • Experiential, designed to experiment and learn through experience

Additional Information

  • All services offered at the location of your choice.
  • I design and/or facilitate learning events on demand.
  • Contact me to inquire about my fees or services.


Tim facilitated our team offsite very effectively, ensuring everyone was engaged, allowing the right amount of time and helping us to identify our individual strengths to understand how we benefit as a team.
– Almut Halder, Head of Assurance Services at Allianz Technology

tim testimonial

Tim asked questions that made me think and allowed me to find my own way of moving forward. He made me see different ways of doing things and helped me to have more impact. 

Christoph Ausserhofer, Industrial Planning Director at GKN Driveline

Alina Kryzhanovskaya

Working with Tim not only helped me achieve my clearly defined goals, it also made me realize that sometimes we should welcome turbulence in our lives as an opportunity for improvement and personal growth. 

Alina Kryzhanovskaya, Senior Account Consultant at Constares