In front of an international audience or at a regular team meeting, the ability to communicate your ideas while making a positive impact on others is a must-have skill. conductor - impact

It is the key to effectively leading and collaborating with your diverse internal & external partners.

In this results-oriented workshop, you will learn and practice how to communicate on a stage, around a table or on a conference call with MAXIMUM POSITIVE IMPACT.

Workshop Objectives*

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Developed persuasive communication skills & strategies
  • Increased communication competence & confidence
  • Crafted and delivered a high-impact communication
  • Experienced the importance of the voice, body & eyes
  • Learned how to handle challenging questions

Topics Addressed

  • Strategy & structure: building blocks of persuasive communication
  • How to tailor messages to audience: audience-centered communication
  • Success factors for effective communication, incl. non-verbal
  • Challenging Q and A’s, i.e. “communicating under pressure”
  • How to craft & deliver a story: The power of storytelling

Workshop Details

  • Suitable for employees-managers from same or different parts of the business
  • 2 – 3 days at location of your choice (can be tailored in length & content)
  • 6 – 12 participants (2nd coach to be added for 13+)
  • Contact me here for cost & other questions

*A combination of high-level input, small group activities, case studies & real-life role plays will be used to achieve your specific objectives (to be integrated)