Back to Basics: The 3 Must-Have C’s for Your Peak Performance

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re doing something fun and all of a sudden an inspiring, unexpected light bulb goes off in your head.

Before I tell you about my recent illuminating moment, there’s something you should know about me.

Reading for pure pleasure could well be my favorite free-time activity.

In fact, I can’t think of anything better than crawling up on the couch with a fat new novel (the fantastical stories of Haruki Murakami come to mind).

I take great joy knowing that the magical or twisted world I’m about to enter will be mine for a long time – my Lewisian Wardrobe.

Occasionally I come across a word that’s unknown or don’t know how to pronounce.

Thanks to handy phone apps, the days of schlepping around a dictionary are gone.

I recently stumbled upon the word“cogent”.

Spoken with a soft “g” (think “j”), here’s what spit out:

  1. convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear or incisive presentation; telling.
  2. to the point; relevant; pertinent.

Light bulb! In goes bookmark, out comes pencil…

light bulb

When nose not buried in book, I aim to help others feel and perform at their best.

Naturally, the definition sparked my thoughts about the people I work with and what they need.

Regardless of profession or job title, persuasive “cogent” communication is a must-have skill for all professionals (i.e. to the point, relevant and pertinent).

The other day I was sharing this observation with the CEO of a Management Consultancy, also active in the field of Leadership Development.

Furthermore, no matter how senior or talented one is they’ll never perform at their best if they don’t have a few of the basics.

If you doubt me on this, you can trust his 25+ years of first-hand leadership experience.



There was a time in my career when I couldn’t wait to move beyond the less important skills-building level of non-executives…at least that’s what I thought.

After seven years working closely with senior leaders and managers, I now find my work focusing on those very skills.

Let’s call them the 3 C’s: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate.

Through a lens of the 3 C’s, let’s look at a female head of department who’d like to implement a change.

  • Before she can win the support for the desired change, she has to Communicate in a way that inspires others (reports-peers -board)*.
  • Before she can do that, she has to Collaborate with them in a way that motivates.
  • Before she can influence anyone to do anything, she has to Connect with them.

The big challenge in today’s workplace is to perform the 3 C’s across complex networks (matrix now the norm, not the exception).

For hands-on support to help your team meet this challenge head on, see Influencing Across Networks.


*Boost Your Communication Impact:



Regardless of natural talent or how far you’ve climbed up the company ladder, mastery of the 3 C’s is essential for your peak individual and team performance.

back to basics

If they seem basic, it’s because they are – basic and human.

Above all, lead with The Human Touch in all that you do – Communicating, Collaborating, Connecting!

Nothing is more more basic or powerful than that.


Which C do you want to improve on? What basic skill is missing for you? Please share your comment below.

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    Reply Reply June 2, 2017

    We want our children to be taught the best, our public services to give the best, our British industry to be the best and the Conservative Party will lead the country back to those basic rights across the board.

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