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Helping others ACHIEVE LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE is what drives me.

As coach and consultant, I aim to enable individuals, groups and organizations to develop effective strategies to meet their unique challenges.

With a clear picture of where you are right now and how you wish to move forward, I work alongside you and/or your team to TAKE ACTION TO CREATE YOUR DESIRED RESULTS.

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 It might not be what you expect…

With 23 years diverse working experience in Financial Services, Tourism, Education, the Media and People & Organizational Development, I’ve experienced what it takes to successfully collaborate and lead across cultures (national & organizational).

This provides me valuable insight into the complexities of the interconnected workplace and helps me connect to your unique situation.

I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1971. In 1994 I graduated cum laude with a BA in History & Business Administration.

I’m a licensed MBTI Practitioner, certified Intercultural Trainer and accredited Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations (EAGT GPO).

Based in Munich, Germany since 2001, I speak native English, proficient German & basic Japanese.

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